... how it all beganHISTORY

A roof beam with the date 1576 indicates the establishment of the "Haus am Gries", which was located on the former floodplain of the Gerlosbach. This farm was acquired by our great-great-grandfather Johann Hofer, a very enterprising apprentice tailor, and it was later renovated and rebuilt.

In the next generation a few decades later around 1885, a homemade placard attracted the attention of summer vacationers advertising homemade products from beekeeping and a dairy farm as well as its very beautiful location at the foot of the Hainzenberg and near the gold mine.

Our great grandfather F.J. Hofer had already built a pool in 1905 for his guests and Zell guests and as chairman of the local beautification association was significantly involved in the development of tourism. At this time, a separate power station offered guests comfort and convenience by providing electricity.

The First World War, followed by a short period of prosperity, the 1000 mark ban, and the Second World War brought tourism to a standstill, but the number of people fleeing the bombing was quite high (Hans Moser, etc.).

Many of our guests personally knew our grandfather Guntram Hofer I. Affected by warfare on different fronts yet still full of energy and ambition, he took over the Gries property, which had shrunk down to 2.500 m², with a house crowded with tenants. Only in 1949 after the death of a tenant could he move in to the house with our mom Rosemarie and our oldest brother. Weekend and short-term campers found a perfect campsite here. As of 1950, Camping Hofer was officially the 1st campsite in the Zillertal, of course open only in summer at this time.

Renovated & extended

At the same time, a poultry farm was established and operated until 1973. In 1955, a thriving laundry service was opened as another mainstay and run by our grandmother Rosamarie, who was from Sensburg in East Prussia, until 1966. The original sanitary facilities were replaced and expanded in 1959. In the meantime, as harsh as it might sound, tenants died and moved out so that in 1963, for the first time, the entire house was available. However, as early as 1957, there was room for summer guests, because the entire family slept in the attic on straw mattresses in summer. In order to accommodate all the guests and meet all other requirements, a new staircase, breakfast room, and three guest rooms were built in autumn and winter 1964/65, a new floor was added, and central heating was installed for winter guests in the renamed "old Hoferhaus". During this time, there was gradual further expansion due to the acquisition of corresponding green areas.

Drinks and ice cream were handed out at the window next to the house entrance, and the campground office with a desk was located in the house entrance across from the kitchen door. This situation, which had become unbearable, was resolved in winter 1970/72 with the building of an area with a snack bar and full campground office. Ten years later, the entire sanitary facility was rebuilt making winter camping possible starting in 1981.

In 1988, our grandparents, Rosemarie and Guntram Hofer I, handed over the establishment to Silvia and Guntram II, who immediately began the modern re-design. To accommodate the increasing number of guests, the pool was rebuilt in 1998, and a courtyard was added to "Hofer's Wirtshäusl". Every year, we make renovations, but we also work to improve all of the facilities on our campgrounds, which will remain a family-friendly establishment.

In 2006/2007, the entire entrance building was refurbished, a new office was built, a winter garden was added to the "Wirtshäusl", and 6 "feel-good" apartments, energetically balanced according to feng shui, were built on 2 floors.